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Procedures Under Local Anaesthesia

  • you are advised not to smoke for at least 5 days before your procedure and for 7 days after your procedure. This is to minimise the risk of dry socket or infection.
  • x-rays will be used for your procedure. Most patients have provided their x-rays to their surgeon at time of consultation. Please remember to bring your x-rays on the day of your procedure. WE CANNOT PROCEED WITH YOUR SURGERY WITHOUT YOUR X-RAY.
  • if you have been provided with a prescription for pain relief and antibiotics please ensure that you have obtained these medications prior to your procedure.
  • we advise you to organise a responsible adult to go home with you after your procedure. This is to ensure your safety and comfort.

Procedures Under IV sedation or General Anaesthesia

Patient Selection

Eligibility of patients is largely the responsibility of the surgeon and the anaesthetist. Criteria used to access patient's suitability for Day Surgery include various factors: General Health, Age, Duration and Type of Procedure, and Post-Operative support. It is important that you accurately complete the admission form at the time of consultation to enable the staff to appropriately prepare you for surgery and provide the highest standard of care.

Pre-Admission and Patient Preparation

Following consultation with your Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon, the staff will go through admission details to the day surgery / hospital. At this point, our friendly staff will explain how you will need to prepare for your surgery, what will happen on the day of surgery and discuss your discharge requirements. You will be provided with a pre-admission pack containing this information and a written estimate of the fees involved with your surgery. An appointment date will be made for your surgical procedure. At this point, other necessary pre surgery appointments will be arranged i.e. pre-anaesthetic consultation. You will have ample opportunity to ask any questions regarding your surgery.


If your surgeon has not provided you with a prescription for analgesics (pain killers) and antibiotics, one can be provided on the day of surgery. Your carer can attend a local pharmacy (in the city) to collect the medication for you while they are waiting.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 

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